Ridin' Cruisin'

by FlygerWoods

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Stop bitchin
Bout that time to cop and roll, tropical
Stop drop and roll. I'm lifted, Valero bound
Grabbin garcia vegas and some condoms while puttin that 10 on 4 (fo)
People say that I rap common like my city was windy at 10 below
This that sickle cell on chronic, double entendre magnifico, spiffy flow
Here we go again. Flyger ya friend
One of the coolest outta tha City
Had em Southsidin in DC lost my
Louie pouch in Philly. I be goin goin Gone
Too young to die, but my soul is older. My homegirl got a 64 wit Mario cart and 4 controllers. I'm rollin over
Despite the stress. Texans loosin
Isis threats. Love lost but I might finesse cuz my shoe selection gotcha quite impressed. On my day to day rounds
Fresh fade, 288 bound. Flyer than them
Cuz I live by the code. Take away logos
Can't take away style. Getting fits off daily
Ouh so playa baby, you ain't gotta say a thang cuz
We in my impala wit no destination

(Hook) x2
Niggas just Ridin, Cruisin
Made some new music and we
Ridin to it
Fuzzy nuggets got a nigga high in Houston
She's havin a party we're invited to it
Aight then? Cool man! Ridin cruisin

[Verse 2: FlygerWoods]

Not at all yo man again
Cool guy, naggin nigga problem solver management
Forgot what kinda strand this is. Just laughed and looked. Fucked around and called it wishmaster kush..
I swear it turned a model to a mannequin. Takashi MaruKami
Images all in my head and shit
Watchin Martin thinkin
"Got damn nigga Pam was thick!"
Text message from Joe Yo said
"We bout to own Saturday!"
Bitches gettin drunk like they don't owe
Nothin to Sally Mae. I smoke one wit my patnas who go
Back in the day like patty cake
Bakas man. I might have to
Take a trip to Laker land
Hit threepeat and get fresher
Cop a rental, jam some Dj DMD wit
Lil Escher. Sittin Clean
Reppin that 30X30 I go hard for my team
And my flow hard, I boguard like Gohan as a teen
That shit Super I'm just sayin tho
Rollin up tha dankage while the navigation
Tellin us which way to go.. Aye

Hook again x2


released July 11, 2016



all rights reserved


FlygerWoods Houston, Texas

FlygerWoods’ old soul is here to be heard. Formerly known as Airborne and born Anthony Williams, FlygerWoods is a 26-year- old Missouri City, Texas native.
His laidback style follows in the footsteps of rap icons Devin the Dude and MF DOOM, but with a delivery that is all his own.
His debut self-titled album FlygerWoods premieres October 8th, 2016.
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